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Elevated Photography: Creating That Wow Factor

With most people starting their search for properties online, it’s absolutely crucial that the images for your property’s marketing give that ‘wow factor’ to maximise the potential that the internet has in generating interest in your property. When asking someone why they purchased their home, it’s not unusual to hear the reply “because we fell in love with it”, great photographs start to develop that emotional connection with your home. Take a look at our page on Other Agents Photos vs Our Photos to visually see the importance of great photographs.

We understand the importance of great photographs and it is the reason why we have very recently further invested in our photographic equipment to enable us to capture elevated photographs using an aerial camera mast.

Stunning views surrounding the property are easily captured using our aerial camera mast. Other complementary features of the property such as landscaping, water features, entertaining areas, all take on a new dimension and would not be fully visualised without this type of photography.

Examples of the power of Elevated Photography

Ground front image of Rockhaven, Rangeworthy

Elevation image of Rockhaven, Rangeworthy

Whilst the before photo helps to capture the size of the driveway, the camera mast adds a new dimension for the potential buyer who is able to see the property set within the surrounding landscape. A combination of these two photographs used within the marketing truly helps create that wow factor.

Ground front image of Lilliput Court, Chipping Sodbury
Elevation image of Lilliput Court, Chipping Sodbury

This one bedroom bungalow is set in a private cul-de-sac which overlooks a beautiful green space. The camera mast enabled us to highlight this fact and in terms of generating more interest, we saw a 21% increase in online views to the property’s Rightmove details page and the applicant that subsequently offered on the property, found the property after the image was changed to the elevation shot.

See the below graph to visually analyse the data (comparison between Apr 27-31st had total views of 325 compared with May 10th-14th had total views of 380)

Why not Drone Photography?

Aerial drone photography can be a complicated affair as it’s not always allowed (think residential areas) and it’s expensive due to the complex qualifications required to commercially use a drone. The benefit of a camera mast is there are no restrictions (providing there’s nothing above your head like electricity poles!) and the results, whilst not at the height of a drone, still, capture a unique angle of your property. There will be occasions where we will hire a qualified drone photographer to capture a specific shot however this can delay the time in which we get your property on the market. We always have the camera mast with us during a property shoot so it’s ready to go when we visualise the shot.

Whilst elevated photography is not a new introduction to the market, with recent advancements in camera technology, it’s been made extremely efficient, safe and economical to obtain a unique image of your property, whether it’s for sale at £150,000 or £1 million.

With our 8-metre camera pole which reaches above most two-storey properties, our motorised tripod head and dedicated camera, we are able to capture that unique selling point of your property in more detail than ever before.

Looking to sell or rent your home with a full marketing package and excellent service at a competitive fee?

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Everyone at Edison Ford works as a team to bring you this content however, the content is generally written by Peter and the advice included in our guides comes from our own experiences and research collectively. We hope you find our content insightful and if you have any suggestions, then please feel free to email Peter.


  1. Amer says:

    I am a professional photographer and I am interested in doing elevated photography. I have researched and looked around for suitable equipment but I am none the wiser. Can you recommend any equipment, poles and where to get them.

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