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How to prepare your home for a viewing

When your property is on the market, the way you market it is half the battle. Marketing your property is a two part process. Look at the first pictures as fish bait if you will (read more about the importance of great property photography).

Once you’ve got a nibble, you have to reel it in. This is where the second process comes into play, the viewing. The viewing of the property is the winning factor which ultimately leads to a sale and you want to do everything in your power to help the process, so we’ve compiled a list of tips to help.

1. De-Clutter

Cleaning your property is essential. The important thing to remember here is the buyers are here to view the property, not YOUR property. So, this of course means the clutter. Now that’s not to say all of your belongings are clutter, because that would be insulting of course. What we’re referring to is the stuff that doesn’t necessarily have to be there, think piles of paperwork or clothes left on the floor. You want your buyer to envision living in their home, they have to paint their own picture of the property, not yours.

A study carried out by Anglian Home Improvements, which involved viewers of properties agreeing to wear eye tracking glasses to follow their eye movements and record attracts their eyes, revealed 27% of the participants focussed on furnishings, with another 24% being distracted by clutter. That’s a large portion of your viewers focussing on the wrong things! So make sure to tidy the clutter and remove any personal pictures or anything you yourself would be distracted by.

2. Drive by appeal

Many of your potential buyers may drive by the property once before they arrange a viewing. Tidy the front garden and make your home look appealing! Perhaps giving the front door and the window frames a fresh coat of paint, and if it’s the right season putting some hanging baskets or flower pots outside your property. Invite them in (not literally!).

3. Spring clean

As we’ve established, viewers eyes are attracted to grub, so pay close attention to the hygiene of your property. That means, whacking on those yellow rubber gloves and giving you home the proper up and down.

Here’s a checklist to tick off as you go about your cleaning:

  • Take out the rubbish, steam clean the carpets and clean out the cupboards and wardrobes.
  • See to repairs! Broken door handles, cupboards accompanied by loose doors and missing kitchen tiles do not paint a good first impression!
  • Paint over the grubby or patchy walls with a fresh layer of paint
  • See to the plumbing. Insightful buyers may flush the toilet or check the taps for any leakages, replace before you begin showing anyone around your home.
  • Check the windows of the properties, they should be clean, unbroken and fully operating.
  • Make sure the property is smelling as fresh as a daisy. Make use of candles or perhaps get inventive with some freshly baked bread! – Stay away from air fresheners as they can smell rather artificial.
  • When viewing in the night, consider smooth lighting where as opposed to harsh ceiling lighting. (set the mood if you will)

This also goes for your kitchen or bathroom, get in deep with your cleaning. For the kitchen, ensure all surfaces, handles, fittings and cupboards are cleaned and polished; pay close attention to your appliances too. Remove any of the clutter surrounding your sink or drainer (washing up liquid, sponges), and rid of any unappealing possessions that may not complement the room (i.e., those polka dotted oven mittens you’ve formed a special connection with).

As for the Bathroom, rid your windowsills and floors of toiletries, sponges, make-up or medication. De-cluttering seriously complements the size of space, you’ll be surprised at the end result. Additionally, ensure those bath and shower fittings a squeaky clean and that the room is moisture free by opening all of the windows.


Your relationship with your buyer doesn’t necessarily need space (depending on where you stand with each other), this point is aimed at the space within your house. The viewers need space, primarily to effectively plan where their furniture will go, but also to get a feel for the overall space of the property. You can help them by tending to those overcrowded storage areas. Much like in the De-Clutter section of this article, a bit of rejigging can really emphasize the space.

5. Nature lovin’

Referring back to the study carried out by Anglian Home Improvements, a whopping 20% paid a lot of attention to the garden. Whack those gardening gloves out and show your patch of nature some affection. Dig up weeds, replant flowers or sweep the patio. It’s good to get outside!

6. Companions

As heart retching as this sounds, not everyone enjoys the company of animals. I know. So, it might be best to temporarily remove your cherished and loyal companions throughout the viewings. Don’t forget to do one last check of the garden for anything your companions might leave behind!

7. Better to be safe than sorry

It doesn’t hurt to go for one final check of the property. Everything must be perfect! Justify the amount of time spent on it by thinking of the overall outcome, your efforts may bag you a little over the asking price – which is well worth the added time in our opinion!

And don’t forget, we’re here to help!

Whether you’re looking to sell, rent or buy a property, our team are on hand to get you moving. Just give us a call on 01454 316718.

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