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The Importance of Property Photography

In the current day and age, it’s no secret that the property market is highly competitive. Unlike many years ago, your insights into potential properties have come a long way from the A4 black & white photocopied pieces of paper that made their way to your home every week or so.

With the expansion of the internet and the dominance of property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, the property market is becoming crowded and vast.

Meaning one quintessential part of selling your property now, more than ever, is making your home the best of a bunch. Standing out can be hard, trust us we know, we market properties every day! But one thing we’re certain of is the power of professional photography. Just take a look.

But Why Is It So Important?

Ok, so I’m sure you’re already aware but your property is perhaps your most important asset. Being that, you want to do everything in your power to ensure you increase the appeal for potential buyers whilst decreasing its time spent on the market.

With professional photography, you aren’t just showcasing your house, you’re conveying their future home. This is where you need to sell a lifestyle. This is a point we stress often and is becoming an increasingly expected thing for potential buyers through 360 Virtual Tours, which we’ve just started to introduce! Read more about that, here.

But Back to Business

One of the most important and overlooked things about selling anything is giving it sentimental value.

Don’t quite get what we mean when we say this? Well, take a look.


Notice Anything Different?

As you can see, the professional photography can drastically change how your property is portrayed. Just like in the previous example, the composition and the blurring of the background adds an element of sentimental value behind the property. It’s almost too inviting to refuse!

By making use of professional property photography, you can assure that your home’s often looked over assets will be advertised to their fullest potential.

Aside From Sentimental Meaning, What More Does It Bring To The Table?

Making use of professional property photography means a lot more than just adding character to a property. The ultimate goal is to make your property, amongst a sea of semi-detached and maisonettes, pack the most punch.

Dull, grainy and blurred photographs are sure to be passed up on. But vibrant, creatively composed and sharp looking exposures will be sure to steal the show.

Now we’re not saying taking photographs of a property is hard, anyone can do it. But it takes an experienced photographer to know where the key attractions to a property are and how to emphasize on them. Knowing what makes a composition good and what level of lighting impacts the most, is the key to determining the best outcome of a marketed property.

Picture It Like This – No Pun Intended

So you’ve decided to sell your home. You’ve found a sweet little spot to move to, you’ve told the friends, you’ve called the agents, you’ve had the valuation, you’ve tidied the house and you’ve given it a fresh lick of paint. You’re all ready for the final part of the process of marketing your house.

But, that living room doesn’t look as big as it does in person? The garden doesn’t look as good as it normally does with those dull colours? And, why doesn’t it look like there’s more behind that corner in the kitchen?

After All Of That Work, You Want Something To Show For It, Right?

Professional photography will do your home justice, your efforts are wasted on unflattering photos. 

Don’t give up on the last leg of the race!



Like The ‘After’ Photographs?

We give this to you as part of our marketing package. Photographed by our in house photographers and combined this with our 360 Virtual Tours (again, part of the package) and experienced sales team and you have the best opportunity to sell your house.

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