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Interior design takes its first steps into Augmented Reality

If you aren’t already aware, Apple has recently dropped its fresh new operating software, IOS 11. The software update brought about a bunch of handy and interesting changes, but one stands out the most. We are talking of the implementation of ARKit, Apple’s AR (Augmented Reality) framework that allows you to create unparalleled augmented reality experiences for the iPhone and iPad.

Now, imagine cutting out the guess work when buying new furniture for your home.

IKEA has taken the first step with the release of their app, IKEA Place, which is heavily AR based. This innovative app, sees you pushing the boundaries of ‘try before you buy’ by granting its user the power to choose and place their interior furnishings, provided from a vast inventory of 2000+ Ikea staples to customise their home.

So how does it work?

Well, IKEA with the help of ARKit handles all of the gritty work for you, so essentially you just need to point your camera at a location and select an item to place there.

The app will then – making use of technological advances – render the image into a three-dimensional object – taking into account lighting and shading – to simulate placing it into a real environment. What’s really cool here is the level of detail taken into consideration, using all of these aspects combined to create the ultimate ‘trial’ experience. See the introduction video below from IKEA to grasp a better understanding.

So all you need to worry about is what and where to place. What a time to be alive!

What does this mean for you?

No more risk buying! You know those multiple occasions where found yourself regretting a whim purchase of a sofa you thought would look perfect in your lounge? Well, now you can skip the back aching process of driving, buying, regretting, refunding and driving back!

So hold your horses on that ad-hoc purchase, open up IKEA Place and save yourself the added hassle.

How can I get a hold of it?

Now this sounds like a dream come true, and fortunately for the people of America, it is!  But unfortunately for us across the pond, it will stay a dream for now. Until then, let’s trust our instincts. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it arrives on the App Store for us, just so long as you do too!

However, in the meantime…

Fill your interior design needs with Dulux’s Visualizer App. If you fancy a change or you are just interested in how your living room would look in another tone, then this is the app for you! Visualizer allows you to swap between a variety of colours and shades using AR technology to map and track the painted area. It really is a breeze!

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