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We're here to help

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Introducing 360 Virtual Tours

Please welcome. 360 Virtual Tours.

Over the years, one thing has become apparent. That is the rise in popularity of digital services. At Edison Ford, we operate on the basis of efficiency. We know it’s vital to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. Therefore, we are introducing a new service to achieve just that.


So, What Is A 360 Virtual Tour?

As a buyer, imagine viewing five or six properties in depth, from the comfort of your own home within 30 minutes. Well, with our 360 Virtual Tours you can do just that. We aim to give you the power to browse as you please without the annoyance of travel time or scheduling of re-arrangements. Our new service gives you the power to control your property browsing experience.


Why Are We Introducing This Feature?

To put it briefly, we believe you as a client should have the ability to view to your heart’s content. We understand how frustrating it can be trying to bag a viewing at a great property, so why not conduct your own? Understandably, they won’t be as in-depth as having an arranged physical viewing but the virtual tour will assist in your decision of whether to move further.


How Does It Work?

First, our in-house photographer conducts the tour using our special 360 camera, alongside doing the main marketing shots. After the 360 photographs are taken, we edit and enhance the imagery and then piece together everything into an easy to follow, easy to navigate tour of which is available to anyone. Each tour is easily publishable on all the major property platforms including Rightmove and Zoopla, giving your potential buyers the opportunity to smoothly view your property.


How Can This Help You Sell Your Property?

More and more, people searching for properties are expecting 360 virtual tours, a study carried out by (whilst American-based, still is relevant) proved that listings with a virtual tour received 87% more views than listings without virtual tours. Additionally, 54% of the buyers who use the website will not view properties that don’t include a virtual tour. Therefore, not only does this make for a greater buyer experience which enables them to view your property ‘virtually’ in greater detail, but it also helps in generating significantly more interest and cutting down on those wasted viewings – we feel it’s a no brainer to move this forward.


How Can You Get This Fantastic Service?

Simply get into contact with us! As it stands at the moment, this service is free of charge alongside our current marketing package as it’s fresh ground for us, so what have you got to lose!

If you’re interested in selling your property but aren’t yet convinced, take a look at some of our newest examples of 360 Tours, hopefully, we can sway you!

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