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Printing to PDF from a browser

This is a small guide on how to print a browser page to a PDF file, for example an online bank statement. This is very easily done although may require installing a piece of software depending on what internet browser you use. So the first thing you need to know is what internet browser you use – the most common browsers include: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.

If you are unsure, then here is what each browser’s icon looks like:

IE      Chrome      Firefox

Internet Explorer         Chrome               Firefox

Still not sure? Skip to this step.

If you have Chrome or Firefox

For this part of the guide, I will be using Chrome but the process is very similar for Firefox. If you’re still having trouble with Firefox then here is a guide for it:

Good news! If you are using the Google Chrome browser then you do NOT need to install any software. Chrome comes with the ability to print to PDF as standard. So let’s get started!

Step 1:

First of all, you will need to decide which page you would like to print. You will need to click on the settings icon in the top right corner of the browser. The settings icon looks like this:


Step 2:

Once you have clicked settings a drop-down selection box will appear and you will have some options you can select. You will need to select “Print…” and a new window will open. Here is what the screen should look like:


Step 3:

Once you have done this a new window will appear on the web page. This is the print preview and will allow you to select where you would like to print the page. The first thing you will need to do is click the change button on the left-hand side underneath the printer name. This looks like this:

After you have clicked this button another new window will appear with a list of printers to select. You will want to select the option “Save as PDF”. This is shown here:


Step 4:

Once you have selected the “Save as PDF” option,  a new button at the top will have appeared called “Save”. You will need to click this button and then it will allow you to save the PDF to where ever you wish. Make sure to keep note of where you saved it. This is shown below:



Step 5:

This file can now be emailed to whoever requires it by simply attaching it to an email.

Using Internet Explorer or not sure which browser you have?

If you are using internet explorer or are unsure as to what browser you are using, then you will need to download a piece of software in order to print to PDF. The software you need is called PrimoPDF and you can download it from here:

Downloading the software

To do this all you will need to do is click the link above and open in Internet Explorer. Once you have done this, you should get a page appear that looks something like the following:


You will need to click the large green “Download Now” button.

After clicking this button, you will then get taken to a different page that looks like this:


After about 5 seconds, a small window should appear at the bottom of the page that looks like this:


Once you can see this select “Run” and it will then take you to the software installation. The first window of the installation will ask you for a language. Select the appropriate language and click the “OK” button.


Once you have selected “OK”, a new window will appear, this is the PrimoPDF Setup Wizard. To continue,  just click “Next” in the bottom right of the window. It will then change to the “Licence Agreement” window. On this window, you will just need to select “I Agree”. Both windows look like this:


Once you have selected “I Agree” the window will then change to a green loading bar. Let this loading bar finish and it will automaticlly change to the next window. On the next window you will need to type your name and email address, this is to register for the free product. Just type them into the appropriate boxes and then click “Next >”. This window looks like this:


Once you have done this it may open a new web page showing the PrimoPDF website. You can close this and go back to the installation window where you will find a “Completing the PrimoPDF Setup Wizard”. On this page you can now click “Finish” and the installation will be complete.

You can now move onto step 1 of the printing process.

Step 1:

Firstly, find the page you’d like to print to a PDF file and then click the arrow on the right side of the print icon in the top right of the browser. Make sure to click the down arrow and not the icon itself. The icon looks like this:


Once you have done that a drop-down menu will appear and you will need to select “Print…”

Step 2:

Once you have clicked this option, a new “Print” window will appear. Scroll through the select printer menu and find “PrimoPDF”. Once you have found PrimoPDF click it so that it is highlighted in blue and then click the “Print” button. This is what it should look like:


Step 3:

Once you have clicked print, you may get a window that looks something like this:


Just click OK and if you wish for the future you can uncheck the “Always show this message” to stop it happening in the future.

After you have clicked OK, a new window will appear showing PrimoPDF. On this new window, you will need to just click “Create PDF” and a new window will open asking you to select where you would like to save the PDF. Make sure to save it somewhere where you will remember it. This will look like this:


Step 4:

This file can now be emailed to whoever requires it by simply attaching it to an email.

I hope that this guide has helped, and if you have a questions or comments then please feel free to email me at

Guide by:


Nathan Baker
IT Support

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Everyone at Edison Ford works as a team to bring you this content however, the content is generally written by Peter and the advice included in our guides comes from our own experiences and research collectively. We hope you find our content insightful and if you have any suggestions, then please feel free to email Peter.

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