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Tenants, Make Renting Property a Doddle With These 3 Apps

Renting a property is hard work; there are many small tasks that can cause additional stress and it’s just not needed! To keep on top of it all, we’ve found three useful apps that will reinvent the way you’ve been experiencing life as a tenant with everything neatly stored on your phone. Life just got a little easier.


Bills, bills, bills! Here to help de-stress you is Acasa; an all in one bill management solution. Formerly known as ‘Splittable’, Acasa will keep you on top of your bills and handle all the hard work for you, leaving you more time to relax.

This application can take complete control over your utility bills, allowing you to regain those lost hours spent organising and paying bills. You can also keep track of your friend’s payments towards bills and even instantly send money across using the applications own fast and secure in-app payment tool, Acasa Pay.

Acasa uses utility providers of their choice, specifically Origin Broadband and Octopus Energy which are great alternatives to industry leaders in their respected markets and offer fantastic affordable packages. It’s also worth noting Octopus Energy boasts a 100% renewable energy package, a win-win for everyone.

Overall, this application is a must-have for students and tenants spending too much time organising and paying their bills.

You can download Acasa on iTunes or the Play Store for free.


Even the mundane pen and paper has been spruced up. Introducing Bring!, your must-have shopping companion. This application is the supreme shopping list, that has just about every item imaginable.  Create multiple shopping lists for your home, workplace or events with customisable items and allow multiple parties to add their input.

With an easy and appealing format, this app is perfect for a quick glance at the items you need to buy without hassling over small writing. It is also particularly helpful at tracking the levels of those vital items, toilet paper and milk, so you can always keep stocked up, perfect for house shares as the app is able to link with your friends. No more over-buying due to lack of communication!

You can download Bring! on either iTunes or the Play Store for free.


Here’s one for the gamers. Habitica is a self-improvement application, designed with the intention to help its users improve their life with daily goals and tasks. Avoid the typical scenario of losing the motivation to fulfill your goals after a while and see that new year’s resolution through!

Habitica sets itself apart here with it’s unique incentive of acting as a video game. When you complete a task, you earn experience points towards your next level and gold which can be spent on new items and armour. It’s a great way to tackle those mundane tasks we all dread so much and give you that extra oomph!

The key feature we really like about this application is its social features. Habitica allows a group or guild of users (think housemates) to band together to tackle larger tasks. You can visualise these tasks in the form of virtual bosses which you work together to defeat. It’s chores, but it’s fun.

You can download Habitica on either iTunes or the Play Store for free.

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