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Top tips for selling your home during the snowy times

As the weather is forecasted for snow in Bristol this weekend, we thought it might be helpful to write an article on selling your home during the snowy times, although just how likely Bristol will get snow is another thing entirely! So, when the snow falls it becomes a beautiful time of the year but how can you maximise this opportunity for when you have viewings? Find out below.

1.    Keep your drive ways and pathways free from ice and snow.

This is a very important one, especially during viewings, your home must look inviting. People want a safe walk up to your property rather than a trek through snow and ice. This will decrease your chances of the person walking away as they don’t want to risk slipping. It also gives the appeal that the house is being looked after and is in good condition. You are more likely to get an offer if your house is well looked after.

2.    If you have a fireplace, use it (or at least turn the heating on)

Nothing looks better in the winter than a nice crackling fire in the living room and nothing feels better than coming in from the cold to a warm inviting home, If your house is as cold as it is outside then your buyers are going to be instantly put off. Remember you do not want smoke coming from the fire, make sure that the chimney is clear and the smoke can leave the home. Your buyer won’t want to be hit in the face with smoke as they walk through the door. Likewise, as not everyone has a fireplace, make sure you put the heating on! This is equally as important.

3.    Always keep the lights on during viewings, in every room

Because it is winter, the light is generally darker and of course this will make your property seem dark too. Make sure that all of your lights are on and working fully, replace any bulbs if you need to.

4.    Try to leave the snow undisturbed

Nothing looks nicer than a garden just after snow fall with a perfect blanket of snow. Try not to step in or disturb this snow (unless it is a pathway, then clear it away). This will improve your home’s kerb appeal and add that nice little touch. You do not want the snow to look muddy and trampled as this will give a less tidy appearance.

5.    Winter decorating

Granted, not one for this weekend in March, but definitely something to keep in mind! If you are trying to sell your home before the Christmas holidays then make sure that your house is decorated with Christmas cheer! This will give your home a family friendly feel and show how the house is a perfect family home. Don’t go over the top though as too many decorations can give a house a very cheap and tacky feel.

6.    Declutter and keep your home clean and tidy

This can be quite a mission keeping your home tidy with young children running around, but it’s a big one for any time of the year and especially so in the winter as people don’t tend to go outside as much due to the cold, so it’s important to give the feeling of space. Having a pile of boxes or other small items in the corner of a room can make the room feel much smaller. Likewise, they don’t want to see mud on the floor and marks on the walls.

7.    Set the mood for the house

Winter tends to be a very dark and grey time of the year so you really need to set a positive mood. You need to make your home feels warm and inviting rather that cold and grey. To do this you can do many things such as set mood lighting with candles, get some nice freshly cut flowers for key rooms, place a bowl of chestnuts on the table, get some nice throw pillows and blankets to cover the sofa. Buyers will want to imagine what it is like to live in this home and if you get it right, they will feel right at home.

8.    Make sure everything works

Winter is the time of the year when all the faults in your home are accented, due to storms and colder weather. This mean you should test everything that buyers are likely to see. This includes making sure gates or fences in the garden are erect, all doors and lights in the house are working and any damp is appropriately dealt with – this can be a big turn off for potential buyers.

There we have it! Should you have any queries or questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would be more than happy to help.

I hope this article has helped and good luck!

Article by Nathan Baker


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