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Uncovering The Statistics Behind Online Property Marketing

What makes for a smooth property sale? Some would argue good negotiators, organised solicitors, no property chain or a trustworthy estate agents, of which we agree with. But seldom is there an emphasis on online property marketing. This important aspect is often overlooked, where-as we believe it to be one of the most important aspects of selling a property.

HSBC’s latest study ‘Beyond the Bricks’ provides excellent insight into the current trends within home buying, and this report seems to show us leaning towards a digital revolution in property marketing.

Now there were a lot of interesting points brought up in the study, but the one which stood out the most to us was the re-enforcement of the fact that viewing properties online is the norm to home buying. As obvious as this sounds, it appears people don’t seem to take advantage of this matter which is what we hope to highlight in this article.

Download ‘Beyond the Bricks’ PDF.

What stood out to us from this report?

One interesting statistic we picked up on was how important online marketing is towards the success of your property sale. Generating interest in your property is a fundamental law and one which helps substantially in selling your home, as we’ve highlighted in a previous article about professional property photography. Yet it appears, this is still not emphasized enough as you can probably see from a majority of listings on the market at the moment.

Beyond the Bricks brought to light the leading role the United Kingdom holds in property snooping online with 93% of all property sales coming initially from an online property listing just after Canada’s 90% statistic, it’s clear that online property advertising plays a vital role in the sale of your property.

How can you expect to get the best results if you can’t separate from the clutter?

It’s important, that you bare this information in mind when you’re looking for an estate agent. A proactive, experienced sales team with in-house photography and marketing support is a great asset indeed.

As you can tell from the topics the study brings to light, you need to focus heavily on the online marketing of your property. Good professional photography is a staple when it comes to marketing your property as well as neat features such as 360 Virtual Tours.

Keeping ahead of the competition is vital and by investing in new technologies you will see benefits to your online marketing.

How can you gain from this trend?

A fantastic way to take advantage of this growing trend is to check your options. What does your estate agent give in terms of online marketing? Remember, you want to give the best impression possible. An online estate agents offering £850 flat fees may look appealing at first but in the long run, this might not work out so well. More work for you in fields you may not succeed in – such as photography or viewings – adds more stress and risk of underachieving in your goals.

Where-as a modern ‘traditional-style’ estate agents, that’s harbouring superb local knowledge from years of experience paired with a fluency with professional photography and helpful marketing assets, will offer you a competitive price with a personal touch. Striving for the best offers rather than getting an upfront fee is what separates the two – to put this into perspective, an online agent has already got their fee from the start, whereas a traditional agent won’t receive their fee until the property is sold. Who do you think will work harder for the best result?

By taking the extra step in investing in your property’s online presence, you’re setting up for a better chance of achieving or surpassing the market value.

If strong online marketing is now on your mind…

Please bear in mind that our current marketing package comes with a professional in-house photographer, as well as superb online marketing across various platforms (Rightmove, Facebook, Zoopla, etc), an interactive tour and a dedicated team going to their wit’s end to ensure client satisfaction and the best result for your property.

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Currently, our additional 360 Tour Service is free of charge as part of our services and ensures your property stands out. Using interactive media as a means of selling a property is brilliant, it provides interest to your property on Social Media and allows the viewer to essentially conduct a 30-minute viewing in 2 minutes, plus we have the ability to chase a buyer up after viewing the virtual tour. Not to mention it cuts out unnecessary viewings so that’s less tidying up time for you!

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About The Author

Everyone at Edison Ford works as a team to bring you this content however, the content is generally written by Peter and the advice included in our guides comes from our own experiences and research collectively. We hope you find our content insightful and if you have any suggestions, then please feel free to email Peter.


  1. James Lorne says:

    I’m a property photographer based in the South West and the properties I photograph for Estate Agents do tend to shift much more quickly then those photographed by the agent.

    I think it’s crazy to see a product (house) for £500,000 sell with such little marketing. Paying for some marketing may cost you £300 but that £300 could sell the house 6 months sooner or sell the house for an additional £8,000. That’s not a bad investment.

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