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We are open with a safety first approach
If you’re concerned about moving home, at Edison Ford we want to reassure you that we’re committed to continuing to help people move safely and responsibly.
We are restricting customer visits to our office at present. If you would like to visit, please email us on or telephone 01454 316718 where we will deal with your enquiry. Thank you for your understanding.

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We're here to help

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Tenant Information

We will be with you every step from starting the search for your ideal home and until the day you move out. We provide a service that understands the needs of tenants and landlords alike. Here’s some information for once you’ve moved in and are a tenant in one of our managed properties.

Permitted Charges

You can see all of our tenant-related fees here in accordance with the Tenant Fee Act 2019.

Tenancy Deposit

When you pay the deposit, we protect it using the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). This is to ensure your deposit is dealt with correctly when you leave the property at the end of your tenancy.

The Tenancy Agreement

The tenancy agreement will be an Assured Shorthold Agreement for a term certain of six months. This must be signed by all tenants party to the tenancy before keys to the property are released. All tenants on the tenancy agreement are jointly and severally liable for rent, utilities, dilapidations and any other cost which is due to tenant negligence whilst in occupation of the property. Keys will not be released where all tenants have not signed the agreement. Rent is payable from the commencement date of the tenancy whether occupation is granted or not. It is your responsibility to ensure the initial invoice is paid before the commencement date of the tenancy.

Rental Payments

All rent is payable by Standing Order or by credit card payment over the phone. Please note that all standing order payments should be made 3 days prior to your rent due date to allow for clearance. Should you experience any financial problems during the course of the tenancy it is essential that you contact us immediately.


If maintenance is required to the property it is your responsibility to advise us immediately. Failure to notify Edison Ford of any maintenance requirements when first noted, which consequently leads to additional maintenance, will result in a charge to be levied on the tenant equivalent to the additional maintenance required.

Request for any alteration to the property i.e. the decoration or otherwise, must be made by the tenant in writing and written authorisation to carry out such alterations must be obtained from Edison Ford prior to any alteration being made.


The Tenant is responsible for insuring his/her own personal effects and furnishing. We can provide a competitive quote via Edison Ford General Insurance Brokers.


It is your responsibility to inform the relevant utility companies and council offices of your occupation. You are responsible for the television licence regardless of whether or not a television is provided by the landlord.

During The Tenancy

Once the tenancy has commenced a representative of Edison Ford will periodically inspect the condition of the property. Adequate notice of these visits will be given. If we are the managing agents of the property, you as tenant, are obliged to contact us should any problems arise and we will endeavour to solve these problems in the shortest time possible. Should you breach any terms of the Assure Shorthold Tenancy Agreement at any time which requires the intervention of Edison Ford, we reserve the right to charge for time expended in these matters at an hourly rate of £40.00 plus VAT. If at any time during your tenancy, should you be locked out of your property, a call out fee of £50 plus VAT will be payable for Edison Ford Property Management to let you back in to the property.

Extending The Tenancy

Two months before the end of the tenancy and with the landlords consent, you will be asked if you would like to extend your tenancy or move out. You must respond to us in writing of your intentions.

If you decide to extend, you will be sent a new tenancy agreement, this needs to be signed, witnessed and sent back to us before the initial agreement comes to an end. A tenancy renewal charge of £35.00 inclusive of VAT will be payable. The landlord does reserve the right to increase the rental value and should this happen you will be given two months notice of this intention.

Moving Out

Should you decide to move out of the property at the end of your tenancy we will send confirmation of this in writing. Upon vacating the property you must return all keys to Edison Ford at 21 Station Road, Yate, Bristol, after which a representative will conduct a final inspection of the property. If the property is not left in a satisfactory condition or standard of cleanliness comparable to the state of the property when the tenancy started, you will be liable for dilapidation charges from your deposit. Subject to there being no deductions your deposit will be returned in accordance with the requirements of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme to which we adhere. Should the tenant require a reference from Edison Ford a charge of £30.00 inc VAT will be payable. It is your responsibility to cancel any standing order rental payments. A handling fee of £20.00 plus VAT will be charged for refunding any overpayments made to Edison Ford. Please ensure you have a mail redirection in place as neither the landlord or Edison Ford will take responsibility for forwarding mail or parcel deliveries.

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